Sunday, 21 August 2016

Contestants list of Bigg Boss 10 | Bigg Boss 10 2016 Contestants

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Contestants list of Bigg Boss 10 | Bigg Boss 10 2016 Contestants list

Bigg Boss in 2006 was the first season of the Indian reality TV programme Bigg Boss. It aired on Sony Entertainment Television from 3 November 2006 to 26 January 2007, a total of 86 days. Unlike other versions of Big Brother, the Indian version uses celebrities as housemates, not members of the general public. It was hosted by the Bollywood Actor Arshad Warsi. The show is based on the Big Brother format developed by John de Mol. A number of contestants (known as "housemates") lived in a purpose-built house and were isolated from the rest of the world. Each week, housemates nominated two of their peers for eviction, and the housemates who received the most nominations would face a publicvote. Of these, one would eventually leave, having been "evicted" from the House. However, there were exceptions to this process as dictated by Bigg Boss. In the final week, there were three housemates remaining, and the public voted for who they wanted to win.

Tasks were set by Bigg Boss each week. The housemates were allowed to gamble on task outcomes, and were rewarded with extra money to order more supplies if they won.

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